Mountain Mite

Model / Part #: Mountain Mite
Manufacturer: WORD
Year: New
  • Drilling
Condition: New
Drifter type: Percussion Rotary
  • Our Mountain Mite design utilizes 4, pneumatic wheels that enhance stabilization for mountain-side drilling 
  • This drill has the highest torque and pull-back capability in the market for  mountain-side drilling
  • Hydraulic/pneumatic winch option available 
  • Standard 72" axle width 
  • Tire diameter options available in 28" and 32" 
Wagon Drill Features: 
  • Detachable upper-body allows for this powerful drill to be helicoptered when necessary 
  • Feed pull-out capacity of 7,000 lbs
  • Standard 6' drill travel  
  • Torque capacity reaches 3,300 ft-lbs. 
  • Standard controls are manual, hydraulic  
  • Electric remote control option available 
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