Mighty Mite Wagon Drill

Model / Part #: Mighty Mite
Manufacturer: WORD
Year: New
  • Drilling
Condition: New
Drifter type: Percussion Rotary
  • Our 3-wheeled Mighty Mite design is a light-weight, high-capacity drill package 
  • Third caster wheel allows for tight access drilling in buildings 
  • Axel widths of 32", 48" and 60" availa
Wagon Drill Features: 
  • Detachable upper-body allows for this powerful drill to be helicoptered when necessary 
  • Feed pull-out capacity of 7,000 lbs
  • Standard 6' drill travel  
  • Torque capacity reaches 3,300 ft-lbs. 
  • Standard controls are manual, hydraulic  
  • Electric remote control option available 
  • ble 

We have the Wagon Drill for You and Your Project

WORD International is a manufacturer, assembler, seller and distributor of rock drilling attachments for skid steers, excavators and stand alone wagon drills. We distribute stand along rock drill machines for Beretta Alfredo Rock Drills in Italy and Track Drilling machines made by Metalurgica WOLF in Brazil. If there’s a specific drill you are looking for we probably have it!

The Wagon Drill

At WORD we specialize in providing drills like the wagon drill to introductory drillers and those who are new to the industry. We also specialize in providing drills to companies looking for affordable, well made products. Our goal at WORD is to provide top quality equipment at top quality prices.

Mighty Mite Wagon Drill

If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable wagon drill then look no further than WORD International. We have a variety of drills available including the Mighty Mite Wagon Drill.

This particular drill is our 3-wheeled design. It is a light-weight, high-capacity drill package. The third caster wheel allows for tight access drilling in buildings as well. Axel widths are available in 32”, 48” and 60” depending on your project need.

The wagon drill has a variety of features that will make your drilling project a smooth one. All of its standard controls are manual and hydraulic with an electric remote control option if desired. Not only is this drill easy to use, but it is customizable too!

WORD is available to deliver, install, and demonstrate the usage for this wagon drill and all other drills. It’s our priority to make sure you and your team is knowledgeable in the complete use and operation of all of our drills.

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