Excavator Mounted Drill

Model / Part #: Excavator Attachment
Manufacturer: WORD
Year: New
  • Drilling
Condition: New
Drifter type: Percussion Rotary
  • WORD excavator attachments are customized for your excavator model 
  • 2 piece mounting plate permits quick interchange of drifters for differing applications
  • Varying feed travel distances available depending on your specific job
  • All angle drilling needs made possible through 360 degree lateral movement and full bucket cylinder movement 
  • 3 unique mounting options available for various job needs : Front / Side / Rear  
  • Unique joystick controls utilze the advanced hydraulics of your excavator and make for a very clean installation in the cab

The Excavator Rock Drill and Attachment

If you’re looking for an excavator rock drill or an excavator drill attachment then we have the solution. Our small, family owned and operated business specializes in providing state of the art reliable drills at affordable prices. Whether you’re new to the drilling industry or you’re an established company looking for well built drills, we can help you!

Excavator Rock Drill

At WORD we manufacture, assemble, sell and distribute rock drilling attachments for skid steers, excavators and stand along wagon drills. We also distribute drills for drill manufacturers out of Italy and Brazil.

We can provide you with a top quality, reliable excavator rock drill or an excavator drill attachment depending on your project needs. Many of our drills are customizable with interchangeable drifters to meet your construction needs.

At WORD, we won’t just provide you with a drill and leave you to it. We deliver, install, and demonstrate the use of all of our excavator rock drill machinery. This means you and your team will be equipped with the workings of the drill so that your job will be a success.

Excavator Drill Attachment

We are currently featuring our excavator mounted drill, which is an excavator drill attachment for your current excavating machinery. These attachments are also customizable to fit your current excavator.

Features include a 2 piece mounting plate which permits quick interchange of drifters. It also has varying feed travel distances available to fit your specific job. All angle drilling is possible through 360 degree lateral movement and full bucket cylinder movement. It also has 3 mounting options for various jobs. In addition, it has a unique joystick controls for advanced hydraulics.

Give our customer service team a call today at 1.336.584.6700 for pricing and customizable options!