MW80H Hydraulic Drifter

MW80H Hydraulic Drifter
Model / Part #: MW80H
Manufacturer: Wolf
Year: New
  • Anchoring, Blasting, Drilling, Mining, Roof Bolting, Soil Nailing
Condition: Excellent
Drifter type: Percussion

The MW80H-HYDRAULIC-DRIFTER – One of Our Premium Hydraulic Rock Drills

When it comes to a cost-effective, high-caliber drill, the MW80H is one of our most popular models. A complete 16kw hydraulic drifter, it's ideal for quarry drilling up to 3.5” holes. With the capability to sustain production levels that are normally around 22-36m/hr, it's suitable for a wide range of different applications. Like all the other products we provide, it has low pressure requirements, producing a low maintenance product.

  • Complete 18kw hydraulic drifter
  • Ideal for quarry drilling up to 3-1/2" holes
  • Production levels are normal at 33-36 Meters/hr.
  • Low pressure requirements produce a low maintenance product 
  • Parts are 90% equivalent to the YH80 drifter

Product Specifications

  • Hole size: 2" - 3-1/2"
  • Type of Drilling: Anchoring, Blasting, Drilling, Mining, Roof Bolting, Soil Nailing
  • Flushing: Air / Water / Mist
  • CFM Required: 250 cfm
  • Hydraulic Flow: 29.27 gpm (110 Lpm)
  • Hydraulic Pressure: 1,991 psi

Hydraulic Drifter Manufacturers

When it comes to the MW80H, the parts are 90% equivalent to the YH80 drifter. We pride ourselves on offering machinery that's suitable for almost any type of drilling: anchoring, blasting, drilling, mining, roof bolting or soil nailing, our capable products can get the job done. We aim to make your drilling as economical as possible, delivering maximum output for the time and investment that you make. We understand how important it is that your machinery works for you profitably; delivering the outcomes you need to improve your bottom line. Using our extensive experience in the drilling industry, we have produced a range of machines which are ideal for customers looking for a competitively priced piece of equipment.

Product Specifications for the MW80H

This piece of machinery has a hole size that's between 2” and 3.5”, and is suitable for flushing air, water or mist. 250Cfm is required and the hydraulic flow is 29.27gpm (110lpm). With hydraulic pressure of 1,991psi, this is a high-performance machine that's capable of dependable service delivery for many years to come. Every machine we provide is made to an exceptionally high standard and benefits from a range of cutting-edge features that can make a real difference to both operation and efficiency.

Hydraulic Drifter Drilling Equipment

We are a niche provider of drilling equipment that's dedicated to ensuring that all our customers have the machinery they need for profitable production. A family owned and operated company, we are committed to offering reasonably priced, honest and professional service alongside some of the best rock drilling products you'll find on the market. To find out more about what we can offer, call us at (336) 584-6700.

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