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CGR Srl is, for 25 years, one of the main players in the Italian market in the field of equipment for drilling and soil survey  
Founded in 1964 by Alfredo Beretta, after gaining considerable experience in the production of machines for drilling with compressed air. 
The Wolf Industry have as Its main goal design and produce rock drilling machines, providing to the clients the best product and customer service with the highest technology, optimizing the cost. 
Rineer has been has been supplying hydraulic motors to the marketplace for since 1967. Applications in industrial, marine, and mobile industries have been the proving ground for our durable and adaptable high-torque motors.
Driconeq develops, produces and distributes advanced drilling equipment for mining, water well drilling, construction and mineral extraction, among other applications. Wherever you need drilling equipment, Driconeq will help you find the solution that matches your specific requirements.