NEW! Excavator Attachment Option for Mighty Mite

Friday, December 11, 2015

We are excited to announce the NEW addition to our classic Mighty Mite! Our new excavator attachment option has made the Mighty Mite the most versatile product that we offer! When it comes to anchoring, micropiling or your other small drilling projects, this is sure to be the drill for you.

   -The Mighty Mite worls as a portable drill for all standard 32" doorways 
   -It is easily adjusted between 6-10' length for better turning 
   -It's light-weight, detachable design allows for easy helicoptering or man -carry situations
   -The Excavator Attachment is easily adaptable for any small ecavator or backhoe
   -Very cost effective for it's extreme versatility 
   ** The Mighty Mite is normally capitalized on one single project

Call and inquire about your Mighty Mite today!