Let a Skid Steer Rock Drill Handle the Tough, Hard to Get at Jobs

Monday, June 13, 2016

Skid steers are the small workhorses of the world. It is a relatively small machine that uses multiple attachments to make a multitude of labor-intensive tasks much easier. Companies look for products and tools that can increase productivity, lower costs and increase profits. Skid steers are commonly used for excavation purposes. However, they can be effectively used for snow plowing and removing large snow drifts, or to clear roads and sidewalks of heavy debris, etc.

While you might find an occasional skid steer built on rails or a set of tracks, most are four-wheel drive vehicles that can haul products and lift and push heavy loads. Another benefit is that the vehicles can turn in different directions at different speeds. Tight areas offer no resistance. What makes the vehicle so useful and valued is the wide ranges of tools that can be applied to the task at hand. At WORD Rock Drills, we specialize in the manufacture, assembly and sale of rock drilling attachments for skid steers and excavators.

Skid Steer Rock Drill Attachment Benefits

The right drilling attachment reduces labor time. Consider the following benefits that various drill attachments can provide.

  • Drilling is possible from both two sides. Quick drilling can result from either the right or left side of the vehicle.
  • Attachments can provide a full range of movement.
  • Horizontal, up or down drilling is possible because the feed is reversible.
  • They provide a full range of versatility to tackle a variety of projects.
  • Optional joysticks can be made available to utilize advanced hydraulics and clean installations and removals.

Modification and Customization

We also understand the need for you to have the right tool at the right time. If there is a need to customize or modify your skid steer rock drill, we can accommodate those needs. It is about getting the job done and we can help.

Companies or individuals looking for suppliers, should partner with those who have a successful track record of helping companies reach their goals. Quality customer service is important as well. At WORD Rock Drills, we provide just that type of service.