Getting the Job Done with a Limited Access Drill Rig in Confined Places

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

At WORD Rock Drills, we know that our customers are serious about the equipment they use to get the job done. They get paid only for their work performed. This is why we are so committed to providing drilling equipment that performs well and is cost-effective. Our mission is to provide the industry with equipment that offers the least cost per foot drilled.

Limited Access Drill Rig

One of the biggest challenges that companies like ours face is drilling in challenging conditions and confined areas. We provide customers with an assortment of drilling solutions including excavation attachments, skid steer attachments, wagon drills, drifters, and an assortment of used equipment. For tight and confined spaces, the following benefits are perfect examples that skid steer drill attachments can offer: Accessible from two sides, they allow for quick drilling on the left or right side They have a full range of movement in that they are right-angled Their feed is reversible, allow for drilling movements that are up or down Feed distances are varied Versatility is built into their design to handle a range of jobs And more

Examples Where a Limited Access Drill Rig is Used

Examples of limited access drilling can include drilling on the side of a hill, drilling inside of buildings where limited space is a challenge, or drilling for retaining walls. The applications are near endless. The key takeaway is that companies can take on contracts and complete jobs on time and within budget.

What to Expect from a Provider of Drilling Equipment

As a family owned business, we provide the industry with tools and equipment that get the job done. It all falls under the umbrella of customer service. When a company's reputation is on the line the only way to protect it is to provide stellar service each and every time. Experience and quality customer service are two of the first things a customer should look for in a drilling company.

Hiring the Right Provider

The right company will always be able to offer solutions and back them with the right equipment at the right prices. Years of experience and a commitment to excellence matters-that's what we offer at WORD Rock Drills.